Wurala the Hutt

Crime Lord in this Sector


To call Wurala cruel would do her an injustice. While some see her as needlessly hash, cruel, and overly trecharious (even for a Hutt), the truth is that she simply doesn’t care for anything other than herself. The rest of the universe exists only to please her or bow down before her. She knows what she wants and she stops at nothing to get it. And if the rest of the galaxy stands in her way, then it simply needs to be pushed out of the way.
Among her various ‘posessions’ and ‘conquests’ is a large harem of males that were forced into servitude. While she has a general distaste for most non-Hutts, she has an attraction to the aquatic species of the galaxy.
Some say it’s only a matter of time before she either takes over the sector or she crosses the wrong person and winds up dead.


Wurala the Hutt

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